• $ 175
• ONLY With PowerBank camouflage
FOR: WRAP, safer boxes, cablelock tag, display hook lockers, mechanical Zips for Laptop Displays
opening Cabinet IR locks: NO
!!! This is our unique development, there are no other methods or devices other than official keys to open these tags without causing physical damage.

Compatible for tags with electronic lock type:

1. tags spiders

2. tags with cable

3. plastic box safers-cases

4. bottle gauges

5. Display hook blockers

6. Zips for Laptop Displays

Disguised in a PowerBank case in order to:

- disguise in case of inspection or search;

- no need to replace batteries;

- compact carrying.

A silicone circle is glued to the body for more accurate positioning relative to the sensor lock.

You can remove it if it is not convenient for you, but a more accurate location significantly increases the chance of opening such sensors the first time.


!!! NOT compatible with slide-open showcase Cabinet locks that use a different signal analysis method.

At the moment, a solution is being developed, but these are still highly complex technologies, and we cannot promise to achieve the result in the near future.


AM tags finder


Basic AM EAS sensormatic jammer 58kHz